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Smile of Satisfaction

The ideas could become reality with the support of the Employment Service

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From graduating from high school to opening his own business, Duško Letić, founder of “3D Lab” d.o.o. spent about ten years looking for employment and continuing his formal and non-formal education. As a computer technician, he quickly realized the benefits of technology but also realized that there was not enough attention in the labor market for the benefits it could bring to certain practices, which are difficult to deviate from old ways of working and retain outdated methods. His business idea required certain financial investments at that stage that Duško could not simply provide.

As he heard that the Employment Service of Brčko District of BiH has been implementing the Self-Employment Program in the local community for several years, Duško used the opportunity to apply a business idea for the production of medical and dental accessories (production of artificial teeth, bridges, etc., made in dental laboratories). Funds from the Program enabled Duško to start his own business and realize his long-standing desire to use formal education and personal competencies and interests. The scope of work quickly outgrew one man and with excellent cooperation with the Service in the first year of business, he hired a hard to employ person, but also a younger person from the register of the Service and expanded the number of employees after the expiration of the contract for the Self-Employment Program.

For the Employment Service of Brčko District of BiH to continue its work in the assessment and improvement of self-employment measures, the European Union supported them through the project “Improvement of Labor Market Research”. Improving active labour market measures increases the chances of the unemployed in the labor market and more efficient spending of public money invested in employment programs. In that context, one of the priorities of the European Union in the field of labor and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to support the adoption of active labour market measures for the labor market to combat unemployment.

On several occasions, Duško provided support in the presentation of entrepreneurship through cooperation with local partners and the Service, as well as participation in the Education and Job Fair. As he emphasizes, he is aware of how much support young people need when starting a business, which is why he is open to cooperation with young and innovative people who are looking for employment, and who have ideas for improving the business they do. “Our clients leave us with a smile, that smile is not only their success but also the success of our employees and our company”, says Duško.