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From Family Service To Successful Company

Active labour market measures of the Service create new jobs and new successful companies

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Azur Adilović has been working in the family service for more than a decade on the design, installation and servicing of refrigeration, thermal and air conditioners. At the end of 2020, he went to the City Administration intending to realize his vision of what the family business should look like on a higher level. “One would think, you have the will, the plan, the goal, and even enough funds, and everything will go easily, but instead of intention to expand the business, I lost my job”, says Azur. Family service FRIGO AS Tuzla in 2020, after several decades of work, came to a point when it needed further expansion with a new generation. Samir Adilović, the owner of the service, started preparing himself for retirement and leaving the business in the hands of his son Azur. However, Azur faced many procedural obstacles, from not being able to grow from a craft business to a limited liability company, barely keeping the name of the company.

He found the solution to his problems during a consultation at the Tuzla Employment Service when resigning from employment because he had to be registered in the unemployed persons’ register. An advisor at the Tuzla Employment Service advised Azur about his rights as an unemployed person. She also informed him about the existence of active labour market measures for employment and self-employment. He followed the public calls and, as soon as he was given the opportunity, he applied to the “Start-Up” program. Since April 2020, he has been officially the director of FRIGO AS d.o.o. and through an incentive program, hired two more workers.

Employment Services create appropriate labour market measures to encourage employment and reduce existing unemployment in the country. Support to the Tuzla Employment Service in assessing and improving measures to co-finance employment and self-employment was provided by the European Union as part of the project “Improving Labor Market Research”. The project is a continuation of the European Union’s support in the field of labor and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Today, Azur is a successful entrepreneur who hires others and plans to expand further. FRIGO is currently preparing to open a branch office in Živinice and plans to expand its business in Sarajevo soon. Azur wants to change the business culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina and encourage companies to cooperate more. His motto is “work hard, offer quality services and respect workers’ rights!”. “With a clear goal, armed with patience, with knowledge, skills, love and desire, you should start your own business!” is his advice to future entrepreneurs.