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The snowflake took off

How to start your business with the assistance of the Employment Service

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Aida Softić from Fojnica is a caring mother of three sons, a wife, a housewife, and a nurse, and recently became a successful entrepreneur.

As a mother of three, she often encountered skin problems that accompany almost every child. She persistently tried to find a cure, as natural as possible, which is where her story started and make her a successful entrepreneur. She made the first cream for her children, based on herbal butter and vegetable oils, which had the purpose of deeply cleansing and soothing facial skin. When the youngest son tried the cream, he said: “Mom, this cream melts on your face like snowflakes.” This sentence will determine her path and future.

Encouraged by good personal experience, and great reactions from friends and relatives who tried the creams, the idea was born to register a craft for the production of natural cosmetics. Without a clear business plan, and knowledge of administrative procedures, Aida turned to the Employment Service in Fojnica for assistance. Thanks to the counseling at the Service, and with the financial support of the “Incentive Measure – Employment of Women 2018”, she successfully registered her business and started a new chapter in life. This measure, which aims to make it easier for unemployed women to integrate into the labour market and prevent long-term unemployment, was a real opportunity for Aida’s craft and “Pahuljica” flew on the path to success.

To more effectively assess and improve measures for the employment of women, the Employment Service in Fojnica received the support of the European Union through the project “Improvement of labor market research”. This project is a continuation of the European Union’s support in the field of labour and employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The adoption of EU standards will help Employment Services throughout the Federation of BiH to efficiently invest in employment programs, better integrate unemployed people into the labour market, and thus, efficiently fight against unemployment.

Aida’s “Pahuljica” craft is just one of many examples that with adequate counseling and financial assistance from the employment service and its engagement, person can make progress and change life. Today, natural cosmetics “Pahuljica” helps people around the world, has over 150,000 followers on social networks, and has an assortment of 70 different products for skin, hair, and many other goods.