Funded by the
European Union


This report was prepared for the needs of the Employment Bureau of the Brčko District of BiH with the technical support of the project "Improvement of labor market research", funded by the European Union and implemented by the consortium NIRAS IC Sp. z o.o., GOPA Worldwide Consultants, GOPA mbH Germany and the Employment Service of the Republic of France.

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Legal basis for conducting research Labor market research is conducted in accordance with the Law on Employment and Rights during Unemployment: “The Office, independently or in cooperation with other authorized bodies and organizations, researches the labor market and on that basis directs its activities situation and phenomena of importance for the realization of employment policy and in other ways inform the public about its activities ”(Article 21). In addition, Article 22 states that “in order to obtain appropriate statistics of interest to the District in the field of employment, the Office may, at the request of an authorized department or on its own initiative, conduct periodic labor market surveys, and cooperate with the Statistical Office. trade unions, employers ‘associations, citizens’ associations and other bodies and organizations interested in employment. “