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EU project supported development of guidelines for creating educational policies

The mismatch of the education system with the needs of the labour market in BiH is a problem that has been in focus for a long time. The education system must follow the needs of the labour market with such educational programs that will open the possibility for students to be recognized in the labour market, once they complete the education

Through training of employees of the employments services towards improving active employment measures

Training organized by the project “Improving Labor Market Research”, funded by the European Union, on the topic of redesigning active labour market measures, training of trainers of regional / cantonal research coordinators and training on cooperation with employers


(Brcko, June 14, 2021) “Almost 50 percent of respondents said they expect growth in business volume and financial results in 2021, and 17 percent of them plan to increase salaries to workers”, is one of the conclusions of the labor market research in the Brčko District of BiH 2020/2021, which was conducted in January 2021. In the research conducted by the Brcko District Employment Institute, with the technical support of the project “Improving Labor Market Research” funded by the European Union, 219 employers participated who at the time of the survey had 1723 employees.

RS Employers Plan Employment Due To Increasing Volume of Business

The Employment Service of Republika Srpska has published information on developments in the labour market and employment needs in 2021. The information is the result of research conducted with the technical support of the project “Improving Labour Market Research” funded by the European Union…


One of the most important life decisions of primary and secondary school graduates in the Brčko District is in front of them – to choose a school, ie an profession they will pursue in their working career. When it comes to the need for professions with higher education, compared to the rest of the country, the demand for pharmaceutical technicians is interesting, which last year accounted for a third of new employees.

The most wanted occupations in the Federation of BiH are IT experts, economists, and mechanical and civil engineers

The Federal Employment Institute and the cantonal employment services invite high school graduates and high school students, as well as their parents, to contact them in the process of choosing a profession and further education because they have information that can help them.

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Research and Analysis

This project aims to contribute to the implementation of the priorities of employment priorities by helping primarily to increase analytical capacity and effectiveness of Public Employment Services. Within “Research and Analyses” section of the website a reader can find labour market research papers, tailor made reposts for different audiences, technical reports on particular issues, and strategic framework documents. Download and usage of all documents is free and encouraged, but if quoted a proper reference of the project must be made (“EU funded project Improving Labour Market Research”).